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Transcorp Express Courier is a logistics company that specializes in airborne deliveries. Having been in business for more than a decade, we have experience serving hundreds of distinct companies of every size and from dozens of industries. This experience allows us to understand the unique shipping needs of each client and meet those needs to the letter. No matter how tight a client’s deadline or how delicate the items they’re shipping, we have the resources and expertise to deliver them safely and swiftly.
Transcorp Express Courier primarily ships items by air, allowing us to complete any delivery within the United States and Canada in a matter of hours. Instead of maintaining our own fleet of planes, we coordinate the services of cargo airlines. We vet each of these airlines carefully, making sure that they have the skills and resources to keep all of our clients’ items safe from start to finish. Once we’ve decided that an airline is trustworthy, we form a close partnership with it. Not only does this allow us to gain a detailed understanding of scheduled cargo flights, but it lets us charter new flights if the scheduled ones do not meet a client’s need. Thus no matter where the starting point and destination are, we have no trouble shipping our clients' items by the deadline.
Air deliveries don’t do you much good if you can’t get your items to the airport. And while many cargo airlines require clients to take care of this themselves, Transcorp Express Courier drives your items to the starting airport for you. We also station a vehicle at the receiving airport to take your items to their final destination as soon as they land. In this way, we cover the entire delivery process, from the moment your goods leave their starting point until they are safely at the destination.
Transcorp Express Courier is devoted to serving every client who approaches us, no matter how unique or challenging their delivery needs. Between our long history in the industry, our mastery of advanced technologies, and our vast network of vehicles and airline partners, we can complete even the most difficult shipments in short order.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How should I choose the right transport service for my cargo?

Choosing your correct transportation solution needs to take into account a series of factors like cargo value, required delivery speed, route, dimensions and weight or the cargo. There may often be situations where identical cargo is carried in different ways to its destination, based on various reasons. Our team is looking forward to understand why you need to make a transport, and consultatively offer you our recommended solutions.

How do you establish the chargeable weight of my shipment?

The common practice in billing the weight of your shipment, is establishing the higher between physical weight and volumetric weight. While the physical weight is determined by simply weighting the cargo, the volumetric weight is determined by multiplying dimensions of the cargo ( L x l x h) and dividing it by a fixed coefficient – 6000, 5000, 4000, 1000, depending on the means of transport. Our team will quote the price based on chargeable weight.

What are the common limitations for transport services, what info do I need to provide to get a quote?

There are virtually no limitations, each particular cargo has its own solution, however you will need to consider that in order to get a sustainable, fast and convenient quote, your cargo needs to be packed on regular pallets (120×80 base), individual parcels below 70 kgs, to have the postal code of origin and destination, the required time in transit, cargo content and value, and to clearly specify any particular request that you may have for a transport, before we proceed to loading, and not during transportation. However, we will attend to your request, and try to offer a solution at any stage of the shipment. Hours and days of operation of shipper and consignee are very important for planning a delivery.

Why do I need to make Customs Clearance for my cargo ? Do I have to pay extra?

Customs clearance formalities are required by law, for cargo crossing international borders. Exception is EU space, where cargo can travel freely between countries. Our quotes include the service of brokerage, but, the VAT and duty owned by your company for importing cargo, is to be paid directly by you to Customs authority. VAT and duty for a certain product are applied to the value of the goods and value of the transport. Our team can help you identify the correct HTC for your cargo and estimate in advance the amounts required to pay to the Authorities. DDP clearance is possible with extra charge and commission.

How do I track my shipment?

There is the possibility to manually track each shipment with a specific tool for each kind of transport, but with Via Cargo you will find that tracking is done in one way only, regardless of kind of shipment – proactive tracking. Our agent responsible for your transport will keep you updated with the progress of your cargo, and relevant statuses, via email, sms or phone. We will track your cargo each step and inform you in due course.


Incoterms are three letters codifications, defined by the International Chamber of Commerce from Paris, that contain all the relevant information regarding the obligations of the shipper and consignee in regards to a delivery. Usually, based on the Incoterm agreed between you and your customer or supplier, we will know all relevant services that we will need to provide for your delivery. Eg. EXW, FOB, FCA, CIF, CPT, CIP, DAP, DDU, DDP.

How can I insure my cargo?

You will need to provide our agents with a copy of the commercial invoice of the cargo, and taking into account the transportation route we will offer you insurance options and risks covered for your cargo. We will handle all the formalities for you, and issue individual cargo policies on your behalf with selected insurance companies, payable to your account, in case of unwanted events, cover by the policy.

Why Via Cargo?

We could not yet find an answer for why not Via Cargo. We are more than a transportation company, we are your transportation consultants. We will not over-promise, we will not oversell and we will keep you closely informed. Via Cargo is your one stop shop for transportation.

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What customers often want or need for their shipment is expedited freight services via a dedicated carrier vehicle or aircraft. They typically need assistance with high profile and last-minute shipments of commercial freight nationwide or into Canada or Mexico. They want a premium but cost-effective expedited service where the only freight on the vehicle is their shipment - which will be delivered as quickly as possible.
So who will you trust when your express freight has to get from point A to point B securely and undamaged? When it comes to transport companies and freight expediting for your critical package, there is only one name you need to know and one company to call us today...

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